Apple’s new software update iOS 13.3



Generation smartphone is here, and our phones are getting smarter by each tick of the clock as various stakeholders in the smartphone industry continue to give us new technology development with new devices.

With about 94% of the smartphone industry’s profit going to them in 2017 per ( A stat that becomes even more impressive when you learn that Apple was only responsible for 13.5% of smartphones shipped globally as at the third quarter of 2015), Apple is gradually making itself one of the pacesetters (if not the pacesetter) when it comes to smartphones (and gadgets as a whole).

If you are an iPhone user or even a tech-savvy smartphone user (regardless of you owning an iPhone or not), you must have heard of iOS 13.3 (the latest version of Apple’s software update).

If you’ve installed iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 (for iPads), you should know that Apple has added a few new features to your iPhone or iPad (one of which is the dark mode feature). However, there is a host of other features which are less known to even the most tech-savvy iPhone user. It is these lesser-known features that make the new iOS 13.3 so appealing.

We take a look at 10 of the hidden features you probably don’t know with iOS 13.3


1. Carry out Voice Search on Your iPhone

You can now conduct voice searches with your iPhone

In the new iOS 13.3, anywhere you find a search bar in an application owned by Apple, watch out for a new icon (a microphone icon) on the top far-right side. Tap on the new icon, and you can query the internet by voice, in
stead of having to type it out. The voice search option is also available in Settings, Mail, and Messages.

2. Grab Long Screenshots

Now you can screengrab a whole webpage on your iPhone


Screenshots are one of the things that make our smartphones smart and thanks to the new screen grab full-page feature in iOS13.3. Apple is seemingly taking screenshots to a whole new level.

You can now capture a whole web page and save it on your iPhone for future viewing or reference.

Here is how you can do it;

When you’re in Safari (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Mail, or even Apple Maps) and you take a screenshot, on the editing screen you’ll see a new feature on the right side of your iPhone screen. It’s a thumbnail of the whole page you’re viewing (from the top of the page to bottom) and not just the part you are viewing on your screen when you hit the power button and the home button to grab the screenshot.

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3. Smart Volume Button Control and Display

Apple has introduced a cool new volume icon

Apple has introduced a cool new volume icon

Before iOS 13.3, changing the volume of your iPhone using the up or down volume control buttons of an iPhone showed the volume level which displays right in the middle of the screen, something which was very annoying (especially when watching a video).

With iOS 13, you get a very cool volume slider on the left, which is of the same length and directly on the same line with the volume up/down buttons. As if that’s not enough, when it appears, it starts thick, so you can put your finger on it to drag up and down to the volume level you desire and disappears within split seconds so that you can continue your video with the right sound volume.

4. Smart Charging

Optimize your battery life with iOS 13.3


You’re going to overload your iPhone battery by continually charging it after the phone gets to 100% and this might have adverse effects on your phone’s battery health.

With iOS 13.3, you’re not going to overload your iPhone batteryby overcharging (especially when charging overnight as you sleep).

Everyone likes to charge their phone overnight while they sleep so that they wake up to a fully charged phone in the morning, but it doesn’t take long for you to get to 100 per cent (usually less than 2 hours). That means your battery is prone to overload and damage of about five to six hours daily.

With iOS 13.3, Apple came up with optimized battery charging; a feature that ensures your phone doesn’t get to 100% till dawn (some minutes before you wake up). The logic behind it is quite simple as well. Your iPhone learns how you charge and will set up a routine of charging your phone only to 80 per cent until the time right before it knows you’ll wake, at which point it’ll make it up to 100.

5. Quick Connection to WiFi

Smart WiFi connection


If you’re tired of having to go into Settings to get on a new WiFi network, connect to a Bluetooth device, or even set up your Airdrop, then iOS 13.3 is your thing. Apple’s latest update gives offers a slightly faster way of wireless connection. All you need to do is open the Control Center and do a long hold on the connection box displaying the icons for Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular and Airplane Mode.

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The pop-up you now get offers even more things to long-press. For instance, long-press the WiFi icon and you’ll get an instant list of visible wireless networks. Long-press the Bluetooth icon, and it brings up your existing list of connectable devices, so you can quickly connect. It even works to modify Airdrop settings rapidly, so you could turn off receiving entirely, or switch between using it with everyone or contacts only in the same way.

6. Low data mode

iOS 13.3 now helps you optimize your data


Data is oxygen and should not be used anyhow. To help you manage your data as optimal as possible, there’s a new low data mode on iOS 13.

To activate, Go to Settings > Mobile data > Mobile data options. Here you can enable Low Data Mode to help apps reduce their mobile data usage.

7. Lyrics synced with songs on Apple Music.

Sync lyrics to your songs on Apple Music

If you use Apple Music, when playing any song, tap the player to make it full-screen. Now tap the Lyrics button on the bottom-left. This will display the lyrics of the song and sync them with the song, which is a cool thing.

8. Safari download manager

In iOS 13.3, Safari lets you download files and manage them via a download manager. Tap any link to download a file and Safari will ask if you want to download it. Now tap Download, and you’ll see a Downloads icon on the top-right. You can check the status of the download there. You can also change the download location. To change the download location, go to Settings > Safari > Downloads and select your preferred destination. You can also tap Remove Download List Items and decide when you want to clear items from the download list on Safari.

9. Silence unknown callers


Are you tired of spam calls from strangers? Or perhaps you’re fed up of that unknown stalker. With the new iOS 13.3, you can now silence calls from unknown persons so that they don’t get you pissed unnecessarily. You can quickly silence calls from unknown numbers by going to Settings > Phone and enabling Silence Unknown Callers.

10. Create folders on your iOS device’s storage


In other iOS versions, you could only access the “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad” local storage drives via the Files app. However, with iOS 13.3, you can now create folders here. It’s a small but useful tweak. Just tap and hold any Empty space and tap New Folder.