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5 Ways To Market Your Brand During COVID-19

It is possible you might be running out of ideas on how to engage and market your brand to customers online at a time like this, it’s understandable. Keeping up with clients (audience) in this period could be demanding.

It is logical enough to know customers (persona) will be more active on the internet like never before in this social distancing, stay at home /work from home period.

Believe me, this is the best time to engage more with your audience and create a good impression, long-lasting reputation, and also to position your brand well for sales (market your brand well).

Here are 5 ways to market your brand during COVID-19

1. Interview your customers:  As mentioned before, the best time to position your brand for sales and make good and long-lasting impressing is now, customers now have the luxury of time to do whatever (logical) thing you asked them to do, why not seize this opportunity to ask help from your loyal customers to make videos not more than one minute to share their experience with your brand and offer incentives in return.

Doing this you are opening doors for new clients at the same time you are connecting and engaging with old clients example, let them Start with their name, where they reside, how they have benefited from your brand, etc. you can embed this interview  (video) on your website, social media, and your email marketing.

2. Create Indirect Sales Pitch that adopts Open-ended questions: This is an easy and fun way to engage your fans (customers) and market your product and services especially in this stay at home period where everyone needs something to keep them alive and active. Ask questions relevant to your brand or products. For, if you can create a post and compare two different dresses and ask which ‘would you rather wear at a date this question’ this question allows you to incorporate your product into question (market your product) and also help you engage with your customers in a fun and helpful way without appearing sales. This is because, at a time like this, people are unlikely to pay much attention to blunt marketing messages except if you are marketing consumable items.

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3. Make use of infographics and graphics that can be related to easily; A well-designed infographics help you convey your complex information and make it easy to digest. A show-stopping infographic would boost your credibility and help position your brand well for sales since marketing aims to make sales.

Make to use Animations: Research has revealed that people engage more with animated content better than most other content. A good animated video can grab the attention of your target audience since it entertains, it will increase engagement which can then translate into sales.
There’s never been a better time to use animated video to get closer to your customers, generate leads than this period of social distancing.

You can embed them on your website, share them on social media, and include them in your email marketing.

Importance of animated video:

i. It helps you stand out from your competitor
ii to Increase your conversion rate
iii. Bring your ideas to life
iv. Help clients to understand your product
v. Improve your SEO

Example of an animated video maker for business use includes Animatron, Moovly, PowToon, GoAnimate, To only , etc.

5. Leverage on local SEO: If there is no total knockdown in your country or state yet, this is the best time to optimize your website for near me searches, doing this, customers in your geographical region will be able to easily find you and turn to you first. People are now home, they are looking for convenient means to order for products and services without having to step out of their house.

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This gives your business a better chance, making sales, and also to be of help during a critical time of COVID-19. One of the best ways to boost your local SEO is to make use of Google my business (GMB) if you don’t have one already.

With this, nearby customers can reach you and if you have a strategic and effective delivery system, you are likely to win big!

Remember to stay safe during this period.