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6 Facebook Ecommerce Tips to Boost Sales

Facebook is a widely used social media tool. If you want to promote your products or services, especially if you are running a small or SMEs business, it can be one of the best platforms. Marketing through Facebook can bring a huge return on your investment.

Facebook has a huge audience, and you can earn beyond your imagination if you use it correctly. Although Facebook is a huge platform, it is not that simple to boost your sales there. First, you need to understand what the right mix is for your business and get connected to the right Facebook adverts for higher returns.

The purpose of this article is to help you learn some useful Facebook E-commerce tips and to encourage you to take your SMEs business to a new level.

Below are 6 Facebook E-commerce tips that would help you out;

1. Post Photos of Your Product

The impact of photos when selling a product online cannot be overlooked. It is a truth that man is a visual creature. Researches show that 90 percent of the information that comes to the brain is visual. An image is processed 60,000 times faster than a written message.

Research conducted some years ago found that an ad that has high-quality photos gets 120 times more visibility and engagement. Even if a person has no intention of shopping, there are chances that he would click the ad and engage in the conversation.

Compare it with your own behavior – how many times do you end up liking or commenting on a photo post that has captured your eye while scrolling your Facebook page? Adding photos to your Facebook add will bring you more like, page followers, and comments. Try to upload aesthetically pleasing product photos to your Facebook advertisement to boost sales.


2. Upload Videos of the Product

Uploading a video to your product or service advertised on a Facebook page brings you more customers. The reason is that people normally prefer to watch a video rather than reading the description of the product.

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Research says that online shoppers are 4-5 times more interested in watching a video, giving details of the product, rather than reading a text description. They consider video time saving and more informative.

Facebook can give priority to your video priority in its news feed if you would upload it directly to Facebook and not YouTube.


3. Post during Peak Hours and Festivals

Posting an ad on Facebook at the right time is important to boost your sales.  Market research shows that online shoppers are more active on the platform on weekends, as they have more time to engage with their friends, family, businesses, and communities.

Daily, an e-marketer should post the ad during peak hours, e.g. 5 pm to 8 pm. At this time, people are back from work and school/colleges to view ads and respond. Also, you are encouraged to post ads during an occasion or festival, for instance, Christmas or Halloween. People buy more. Moreover, don’t forget to check your Facebook insights to see when your audience is most active.


4. Give Special Offers to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

If you want to boost your sales, always remember that Facebook pages for either small or large businesses are key drivers of traffic. Audiences are looking for special offers on your Facebook page.

Research says that 39 percent of all Facebook users follow Facebook Pages seeking for special offers and promotions. You should use promotions, coupons or codes, and giveaways surprise gifts to attract more traffic towards your page, and some people might stay loyal with you for longer.

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5. Do Not Promote Where It Is Not Needed

Don’t waste your resources by posting ads to the wrong audience. What you have to do is to know who your audience is and then target them. Don’t advertise everywhere on Facebook because you will just end up wasting your money.

For example, a cable’s manufacturer would be more successful if they targeted cable businesses or IT companies looking to purchase their coax cables rather than posting on every forum.


6. Announce New Products

People like and follow your Facebook page because they want to hear about your new product line. Therefore, keep this category of the audience engaged by announcing new products services regularly. But don’t post new products multiple times a week, or you will lose the interest of your audience.

Apart from announcement posts, keep your audience interested in posting engaging content such as user-generated content, contests, giveaways, and even pop memes. By posting personalized and appealing content, you will create and strengthen the image of your brand and will attract the kind of audience you want.

Finally, The 21st century calls for the latest marketing techniques. The role of social media tools in e-commerce, especially Facebook, cannot be neglected. Advertising through Facebook can bring you a huge return on your investment, but you need to gain information before jumping into the niche of e-commerce through Facebook.

Post attractive images and animated or real live videos for your products, as digital customers prefer to watch videos as compared to written content. It is better to give promotions on your Facebook page to get more traffic, but never forget to post ads on-peak hours.