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Bye-Bye Alexa Rank; Here are 5 Alternatives to Alexa’s Ranking Service

Website ranking giant, is shutting down its platform which ranks the world’s most popular websites. The Amazon-owned service also offers SEO and competitor analysis tools.

Founded in 1996, monitors traffic online using data such as page views, estimated traffic, top referring keywords, among others to rank the most popular websites on the internet.

Amazon said in a statement Thursday, 9th December 2021 that will no longer be available starting on May 1, 2022, which would have been its 26th anniversary.

Having an Alexa rank is a highly prized rating for website owners and the service helps users, site owners as well as advertisers to have a clear analysis of the reach and dominance of a website. The service became very popular in the 2000s when the number of websites on the internet exploded.

In addition to the global website ranking system, Amazon’s, or Alexa Internet also offers a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools with its paid subscriptions.

Alexa rank analysis/chart
Alexa rank analysis/chart

The site stopped issuing new subscriptions on December 8 but said in a statement that existing customers can use their accounts until goes offline.

Why Did Amazon Shut down its Alexa Website Service?

While the company did not state the reason for pulling the plug over the service, Industry experts are speculating that the decision may be due to the declining popularity of the service. Many website owners are no longer concerned with how Alexa ranks them.


What is next for website rankings on the internet now that Alexa is dead?

There are close alternatives that site owners can use in place of Alexa’s ranking service. These 5 website ranking services have been clearly researched and can help site owners measure insights accurately on how their site is fairing. They are great substitutes to Many offer free to premium services.

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3: Ubbersuggest



Believe it or not, Alexa will surely be missed! What do you think?