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Easy and Simple Ways to Amplify your Brand Messaging

The continuous increase in contents(Brand Messaging) published on a daily basis and the need to repurpose content into different forms for users has reduced the organic traffic on both social media and website.

Since businesses can’t bank only on organic reach to make their content visible to their target audience, Businesses need to boost their content to reach their target audience. That’s why we have put together some of the ways you can easily get your brand messaging  visible to the desired audience

Before will dive into how to make your brand messaging visible to target audience lets take about what Brand Messaging is about

Brand messaging refers to the businesses value proposition conveyed in words or the choice of language used in your content.  Brand Messaging is what makes buyers relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately making them want to buy your product. In  a nutshell, they are contents

1. Invest in micro-influencer marketing

One of the easiest ways to kick-start social media advocacy is to invest in micro-influencers. Brand influencers are popular and everyone knows them.  This set of people can help you elevate your business on social media. People are likely to trust more in recommendations from the influencers.

Getting people (influencers) to post your business content has the potential to transform your social media marketing results.

Micro-influencers don’t have to have tons of audiences; they only have to have the right set of audiences who are capable of driving desirable results for you.  You can build powerful content promotion  by investing  your brand’s micro-influencers

2. Use content distribution platforms and apps

When you post your content, you are reaching out to your already existing audience. In other to capture “new eyes”, you need a reach that extends beyond your content and web properties.

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You could use social media content distribution platforms or apps to make that reach available to you. Examples include.

Paid Advertisement

With this strategy, you will reach a wide range of your target audience on social media sites by paying a reasonable amount of people depending on your budget. Facebook and Instagram ads are the most effective of all the social media ads. It is important, however, to consider which sites to focus on.

You can also leverage content distribution networks 

These distributing channels include DrumUp and ViralContentBuzz.Depending on your  content marketing  objectives

This content distribution networks will help you promote your content by suggesting it to the most relevant audience based on the keywords set by them for content suggestions.

3. Accompany social media posts with powerful and engaging visuals

Human brains are visually inclined, people are likely to resonate faster with visually communicated images than written words. And also visually communicated images stay in a people’s memory longer than textually communicated concepts.

If you want your post to receive 360 engagement  on social media then you need to invest in powerful and engaging visuals

There is no better way to draw attention to yourself and business amidst social media clutter, than with a strong visual aid.

Three powerful types of visuals to have on your social media content plan

  1. Infographics – Infographics are liked and shared as many times as any other type of content. are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends
  2. Videos – Video contents now have more engagement than other forms of content. The statistic shows that  51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
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4.Re-purpose the content that you create in multiple formats

Content creation could be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when you intend to do extensive research and create rich and super-useful contents.

Instead of doing every time you create content, you can re-construct what you create into different formats to reach your audience on different platforms. The idea doesn’t only give credibility to your brand alone but also make you reach a different set of audiences across different channel.

Three powerful ways to re-purpose content

  1. Convert your blog post infographics and distribute it on social media platforms and infographic.
  2. Turn your blog post into slides and upload it on the relevant blog and social media channels

5.leverage  search optimization to amplify your brand messaging

Below are some of the ways to optimize your brand messaging on search engine

i. Optimizing your post for certain keywords. This can help your brand messaging stand out in the clutter.
ii. Earning external inbound links. The only way you can get backlinks is if you publish quality contents or form a community where different bloggers can backlines to each other’s contents
iii. Optimize your site for  local search me
iv. Driving more social media shares – This might not directly have an effect on search engines but it always has a way to get your brand’s name visible especially if your business has more likes and high social media engagement. These inturns send signals when indexing social media content.
v. Growing your reputation on social media – increased brand awareness can drive more branded searches and in the process more non-branded searches

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