Email marketing

Email marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Email marketing refers to the practice where marketers reach out to their prospects or audiences via email. It can be used for acquiring new customers, as well as engaging the old ones.

Compared to other digital marketing channels, email marketing allows marketers to send emails to people who have permitted them to send emails by giving out their contact information, this act makes email marketing more effective since people who are not interested in that product and service are automatically filtered.

Digital marketing report shows that, At a time when digital marketing is expanding to include dozens of different mediums, email marketing still remains one of the highest returning assets (4400%!) a business has at its.

Besides, the return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is also easy to measure with the help of email marketing tools analytics.  All of these tools provide basic analytics data on metrics like open rates, click rates, etc

Marketers can build trust with customers and nurture customers’ loyalty via email marketing. With emails, marketers can keep customers and prospects posted about promotions, product launches, discounts, and offers.

Factors  to consider when choosing an email tool

  • Template system

It is important to choose email marketing tools with professionally designed templates that are mobile-friendly. Most subscribers view emails on mobile devices, making this an essential factor to consider.

  • Personalization

Marketers should choose email marketing tools that allow them to personalize their subject lines, content, images, videos, and more. Statistics show that Personalized emails have up to 6x higher transaction rates (Experian).

  •  A/B testing

A/B testing is an essential step to optimize campaigns for the highest engagement. The best tool any marketers can choose is an email marketing tool that allows them to conduct A/B tests in their email marketing. This includes subject lines, content, images, emails sent from, and more.

  • Inbox preview
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Marketers should look for a tool that allows them to preview their emails on different devices and platforms. In this digitalized world, subscribers are viewing emails on more devices and a multitude of platforms. Testing how campaigns would appear on different devices is a crucial step to reaching the highest open and click-through rates.

  •  Spam compliance rules and setup

it is essential for marketers to choose a marketing tool that would guide them through the necessary steps to ensure their emails don’t end up in the junk mail folder.

  •  Segmentation and sample list management

Great email marketing tools allow users to segment their lists on every buyer’s journey. They also make managing those lists a simple process. Segmentation is necessary for providing extremely targeted content for subscribers.

Below are  some email mail tools

1. Reachmail:

This emailing tool enables users to create professional, dynamic emails that look good on all devices. Users can easily import lists, and test email design before sending, and it also has unlimited file storage.

This tool also helps boost users’ reach and exposure through customized landing pages, sign-up forms, welcome messages, social media posting, and drip campaigns.


It is an all-in-one email marketing tool designed to help users create, automate, personalize, optimize, manage, and conquer their email campaigns.          

Mailerlite has a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to build professional and impressive newsletters without HTML skills.

The advanced feature of Mailerlite makes it easier for users to personalize campaigns and deliver the right emails to each subscriber at the right times.

Users can track results, experiment with design elements and copy, and improve their engagement metrics using campaign reports, surveys, and click maps.

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The greatest advantage of Mailerlite is the ability to grow audiences using its website builder, landing pages, pop-ups, and embedded forms.

3. Mailchimp:

This software is a cloud-based email management service. Which can be used to easily create, execute, analyze, and track email marketing campaigns. Welcome, re-engage, and follow-up with users’ contacts automatically.

Users can easily create integrated campaigns with social media, email, ads, and other modes,  Mailchimp can also track data and get insights from it to improve the email marketing campaign.

4. Sendloop:

Sendloop is a full-featured email marketing and marketing automation software. It helps marketers nurture leads, segment them, and then run highly targeted email campaigns, and it provides in-depth analytics.

With Sendloop, marketers can send bulk emails and can easily increase their delivery rates.

5. Cakemail:

It is one of the finest email marketing platforms for small businesses because it provides a stress-free email designing experience. Marketers can send beautiful emails to multiple contacts at scale via CakeMail.

It has all the basic features that every marketer needs in an email marketing tool. Easy import of contact list, easy-to-use email editor, testing, scheduling, personalization, and tracking, this tool has you covered in all aspects.

6. Omnisend

This mailing software is a sophisticated e-commerce marketing that compiles all users’ communication channels (platforms)in one place. this software allows users to automate email delivery based on behavioral triggers and also time communication based on customer’s convenience.

Marketers can utilize omnisend comprehensive audience insights to send out more relevant email marketing messages. Design attractive newsletters using time-saving features like the Product Picker, which lets users select all the products they want to include in their email.

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