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Facebook Ad’s Made Easy; Step By Step Process In Creating Your Facebook Ad’s

Are you having problem running facebook ads for your business ?if yes , you are reading the right post. Running a facebook ads can be difficult especially in some part of the world like Nigeria due to the payment problem and all other problem that people encounters while launching their ads.

Facebook is a one of the most effective social media platforms where you can engage with your audience, generate leads and find new customers for your business.

The ability of facebook to each large audience with little or no financial expenditure makes facebook a great advertising choice platform for most businesses,especially small business with small financial budgets.
But before setting up for facebook ads here are some questions you need to ask yourself as savvy digital marketer
Who are my target audience? Am I running the right type of ad? Which geographical area am I targeting? What age range am I targeting?
Once you are done answering these questions then, you can now proceed with your paid facebook ads. You can run your facebook ads through a facebook ad manger if you have, or directly from your facebook business page.

Step by step process on how to Create facebook ads

1.Create a Facebook business Page.
For you to run a facebook ads you need to have a facebook business page. A facebook business page is a free public profile for your business or brand. Creating your business page on Facebook is free and it’s easy to create. Just click on menu box, page and then create a business page.
2.Select your Facebook ad objective
Facebook offers different advertising objectives to help you reach your business goals, from brand awareness stage through consideration stage and finally to conversion stage.

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By selecting out of these objectives, you’re giving Facebook a clear idea of what you’d like to do with your ad so they can present to you a best suited ad option.

3.Select the image you want to use for your ad

You  can select image from your gallery if you have non on your media.
4.Select your most preferred audience
As a savvy digital marketer,you need to be as specific as possible when selecting the audience to serve your Facebook ad. It’s important that you target only those who are potentially interested in your product, or brand. Fortunately, Facebook has offered you a wide range of targeting options that would help you to be as précised as possible.

Facebook audience targeting feature allows you to reach people based on their demographics, location, interests, and behaviors.

5.Select your budget and make payment
After selecting your audience, you can now proceed to how much money you want to spend on your Facebook ad. Facebook allows you to select your budget plan either a daily or a lifetime plan, after this you can select the start and end date. Why making your payment ensure that your payment mode is indicating Nigeria so as to prevent your ad from been rejected

Launch your ad.
Once you have completed the aforementioned steps, and you have reviewed the ad process you can now finally launch it(Facebook ads). Reviewing helps you to ensure that everything is well set and there is no mistake.
Once you finally launch your ad. It is very important, you should know that all ads pass through to Facebook review process to ensure all digitals advertisers are promoting the right kind of ads as stated in Facebook Ads Policy. Once your ad has been reviewed and approved, you will be notified and you can start tracking your ad performance from Facebook Ads Manager.
These are the simple steps involved in creating a Facebook ad, don’t forget to drop your comment(s) and if you still have a problem after this you can contact us at

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