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How Social Media Can Help You Step Up Your SEO Game

It’s crystal clear, social media plays a big role in helping businesses get their content in front of their audiences. It’s no doubt that Social media has become an essential component of many Nigerians’ lives in recent years.

As social media become more interactive and adaptable.  Some entrepreneurs have taken advantage of all that social media have to offer from ads to social media business profiles.  And has work wonders for them.

The benefits of Social media is not only limited to the aforementioned features. But it also has a  way to compliment your search engine optimization effort.

What is SEO

In the game of SEO, it’s safe to know that SEO  is not about  how high you rank for something.  But “what you rank for.”

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results

SEO  is a digital marketing strategy that enables you to boost your visibility on search engines like google, bing, yahoo.

Have you ever asked yourself why some contents appear on the first page of the search engine while others appear on the next page?

This is because Google arranges results in order of decreasing authority. And the higher Google ranks your website, the higher the possibility of your content getting a click from a user.

On a quest for websites to rank high on the search engine is where SEO comes into play.

SEO marketers are those who can optimize your content for keywords that users are likely to enter in order to find yours on the first pages of search engines.

There are a lot of other factors that go into your appearing on the first page of the search engine, Choosing the right keywords,  having quality backlinks, and quality content to mention a few.

Though social media does not directly influence SEO, it actually does help or complement  your SEO effort  let see how

How Social Media can help you step up your search Engine Optimization Effort

1. Social Media Can Create Baclinks opportunity

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Social media can help in link-building efforts more effectively than you realize.

Let see,

Social media  have given you  privilege  to set up a commercial profile.  You can post relevant content on these profiles and gain audience interest.

If you’re distributing the right kind of content on social media, you’re boosting your chances of acquiring more backlinks.  Example,  followers who find  your contents intriguing and informative may decide to backlink  on your site.

However, followers who like your content are always willing to share it with their followers too. And the more shares r that you have, the greater your potential is for gaining more organic backlinks.

Highly shared content can boost the performance of the keywords you’ve used for optimizing that specific content.

Powerful backlinks and boosted keyword performance can all positively impact your SEO efforts.

2. Audience building on social media will boost brand recognition on the search listing

If you want to be found among the bilions of sites on the search engines, you have to leverage Social media.  It helps  build brand presence and recognisation  on the search engines.

With the continuous increase in the number of people on social media,(ie it’s worldwide reached) and how it easy to share content on social media, it makes it a  great way to build your web presence.



If you are able to build your brand on social media platforms this will increase the likelihood that people will click on your brand’s content in search engine results and since click-through rate has an impact search engine rankings, therefore audience building is a way strategy to complement your SEO effort.

3. Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines

While it’s uncertain whether social shares, may or may not affect website listing, but it’s no doubt that your social media profiles influence the content of your search results.

often a time social media profiles are amongst the top results in search listings for business names. With this, it’s no doubt that your social profile matters to search engines (Google)

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So if a social account profile shows up at the top of the search results, you can Optimize your social media profiles using keywords in your “about” section and link it back to the core services on your website.

4. Social Media Content Gets Indexed

Sometimes social media posts can get crawled by search engine spiders and get indexed when the right type of social media content is published on a  regular basis or when the keywords of your content are not competitive.

On a contrary, this doesn’t mean that every tweet or post you make finds it way to search engine vast index but if It is relevant enough,  they can be found by people searching for similar content. For example, if you search for Linda ikeji you will find most of the top results are her social media profiles/pages. Because it’s relevant to the search query.

Also if your blog post gets a lot of engagement or goes viral on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter the ripples can be felt in the search engine result pages. Thereby can help you get your website’s content indexed faster.

5. Use social media Ads(Facebook ads )to Leverage SEO

Pay-Per-Click advertising  gives you another means of engaging with social media users,  and also increase your website traffic if properly maximize

Facebook ads always give the privilege to choose which goal you want your ad to perform, and getting more website visitors is part of these goals. This social media strategy will help compliment your SEO effort.

However, the benefit of social ads lies in your ability to incorporate media as well as trending keywords. In this sense, social ads have a higher potential to grant business visibility.

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