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Innovative Ways To Boost Your Survey Response Rate

Every savvy marketer is trying to find creative ways to get new leads or contacts and also study the wants of those new leads. And Survey is among the ways to induce this done. Creating a survey is simply a way to an end; the biggest obstacle to beat in surveys is getting potential and existing customers to take it. Truth be told, low response rates of surveys will be very frustrating after all it can even cause survey-killers.

However, in this article, we have put together some tactics that would help you increase the response rate of your surveys.

Innovative ways to spice up your survey response rates.

Keep your it short and simple:

We call it KISS (keep it short and simple). Nobody wants to read or answer a question that’s lengthy or difficult to interpret.  So why creating a survey, remember to keep the goal of your survey in mind when creating your questions. Don’t overload people with unnecessary questions. Pick an appropriate number of questions (advisably less than 20 questions). More also make your it engaging. Design your survey so that it’s fun for your respondents, not a chore. Most people are happy to give an answer if it’s fun, quick, or easy.

A larger audience equals more responses

Another way to increase survey response is to extend the number of individuals you distribute it to. One of the ways to increase your survey visibility is via Social media.  You can get your friends to share posts or help you distribute them. You can even make use of people who run a Whatsapp TV. This set of individuals have thousands or perhaps ten thousands of audience who view their Whatsapp status.  Also Communities you’re involved in may additionally work for you, help share your surveys, which could be helpful for targeting specific groups or interests.

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You can equally make use of  DIY survey tools like Pollfish, SurveyMonkey, Survata, to mention a few. These tools have audiences already in situ for you and can handle the distribution of surveys on your behalf.

Another way to reach a larger audience is to promote it.

Depending on your budget and the number of individuals you want to reach.

Google PPC ads can be an effective way to get your surveys in front of people but it can be expensive and there is no guarantee of total success.

Social sponsor ad Most social platforms offer a paid option to sponsor a post.

Offer an incentive

People are always willing and ready to participate in activities where they’re getting something out of it!

Rewards and incentives are great and proven ways to increase survey participation. This tactic could mean additional expense for you though.  But it will definitely worth it.  Incentives could be gift cards, free class, or premium content.

Use a survey panel

A research panel is a group of individuals you have selected to take part in your survey research. This set of individuals helps to increase participation. This tactic is an effective time-saver because you don’t need to search for respondents for each new survey project. This set of people can take the same survey again at different intervals. Surveys panels are a great investment if you plan to conduct an outsize number of surveys.

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