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Making Coding Fun: 4 things you need To Know

Over the past couple of years, coding has evolved. Coding has gone from what was used in some electronic devices and video games to something that has revolutionized the way we live today. If you are not into the business of coding, now is a great time to start. Almost every electronic device and machinery has a little bit of code in them. There has also been a significant increase in available coding jobs, as the use cases of coding surge higher. However, many people find the code-learning process a bit tiring, as there are many things to learn. Interestingly, this process can be super fun and exciting if you know how to go about it. In this article, we will share with you some simple tricks to make coding fun and exciting.

Here are 4 Ultimate Guides to Making Coding Fun: 

1. Practice Practice Practice

One of the best ways to make coding fun is to practice while learning. Learning to code is like playing golf. In the beginning, it is not fun. You need to learn all the skills you need, the right driver for hitting the ball, the best playing positions, and more. You will start enjoying the process when you get to know the rules of the game and how best to play it. If you want your coding process to be fun, do not just read codes, run them. As a beginner, just following along with the courses and reading the code is one of the most boring and less-effective ways of learning. When learning how to code, you should practice as well. Write some codes and run them by yourself.

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When you take out some time to run the code by yourself, you will understand it better. The fun of coding is when you are flowing with your lessons and trying them by yourself. Running and modifying your codes to build your programs is fun and exciting.


2. Create Projects from Scratch

Another great way of making coding fun is to create personal projects from scratch. Always working and writing codes for companies are not that fun. If you have always had a particular project in mind or you have an idea of a project that can be very useful, you can delve right into it.

If you have no idea in mind, you should pick up projects in areas you find interesting, such as video games, education, and more. The process of executing your personal project will make you love coding more.


3. Create Mentor Relationships

You should encourage and create mentor relationships. Every developer usually runs into one issue or another, which might require the expertise of others. When you hit major issues that you cannot resolve, it will make the entire process boring and difficult. To keep it fun and exciting, it is highly recommended that you have a mentor. You should have someone you can run to when you have issues with your learning process. Coding is more fun when you are able to resolve issues you come across.


4. Short Lesson Times

If you are new to coding, you should begin with shorter lesson hours. Coding is a tedious and highly demanding field, and you can only make significant progress when the process is fun and exciting. To advance quickly, it is recommended that you keep the lessons short. You should start small and grow bigger.

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Finally, Coding is increasingly becoming popular and it is gradually becoming the core of every technology in the world. The learning process is also great but it can be tiring when you do not know how to go about it. To make significant progress in this field, you need to make it fun and exciting.