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Quick and Easy Ways To Segment Your Email List

You might be unfamiliar with the importance of email segmentation or even wondering why you have to adopt this strategy, an average office worker receives 120 emails every day, this statistic proves there is fierce competition for attention in your subscriber inbox, which make email list Segmentation a top priority of any savvy marketer.

Email marketing segmentation is an effective marketing strategy that would drastically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, increase your email open rate and your return of investment(ROI). This technique helps you send highly targeted emails to subscribers by dividing the list to smaller segments (group). With email list segmentation you can send precise emails to the right people exactly at right time.

What is email segmentation
Email segmentation is a   division based on similarities to provide the recipient with the most valuable information and proposals at the most appropriate time.

Importance of email segmentation

i. It improves your email reputation: when you send targeted, segmented email to your subscribers, your emails are naturally more engaging to that audience. you’ll be able to craft compelling copy that truly speaks and meet the need of each segment which improve the credibility of your brand.

ii. For Better Results:  Research shows that segmented email performed well compared to general email 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced higher open rates,   28% experienced lower unsubscribe rates, and 24% experienced better deliverability and greater revenue.

Below  are some quick and easy ways to segment your audience

1. Purchase Interests

You can predict someone’s purchase proclivities from past buying behavior, or better still keep a track of website behavior. once you know the type of items that attract each person you can easily group them into the same segment and easily send an email promoting the type of product they once showed interest in.

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2.  Frequent buyers

You can segment your email list based on how often someone purchases. People who frequently make purchases should be categorized differently from people who never make any purchase. Doing this you can furnish them with an offering of a promotional deal and also email promoting your new products or features since  they are interested in your products.

3. Amount spent

You can use Customer expenses history to determine which customers are likely to buy more expensive items and those interested in low price items, especially If you sell a range of high and low-cost items. Then you can target email featuring products that are actually in each person price range

4. Stage in the Sales funnel

This is one of the most valuable, always customize your messages. Someone at the top of your sales funnel should not be receiving the same email as the same person at the button of your sales funnel.
The stage lead in the sales funnel should determine which email segment they fall in. It is essential you set up separate lead nurturing tracks for those at the top of your sales funnel (decision stage), in the middle of your sales funnel(consideration stage ), and at the bottom of the sales funnel (awareness stage).

5. Email engagement

This is another basic way to segment your list, you can segment your email list based on how subscribers engage with your email, the open rate and click-through rate are the metrics for analyzing can group them into active and inactive users then you can develop content to that focuses on each segment.

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