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6 Reasons SMEs Should Create Buyer Personas

Do you know who your business’s buyer personas are? And if you do, how well do you know them? Do you know what they really want or need from you?

Creating a buyer persona is one of the major steps in developing a  successful digital marketing campaign.

If you don’t know who your buyer persona is, it will be difficult to satisfy your prospect. After all, it is difficult to satisfy people you don’t know

Not to bore you will much talk

Buyer personas are a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on reached information or data.

They are not real customers but a frictional person who possesses the characteristics of your best potential customer.

A buyer persona is a detailed description of persons who represent those who are most likely to purchase your product or services i.e. your target audience. You can also call them audience persona, or marketing persona. They are crucial to the success of digital marketing as they help you have a glimpse of what your ideal customer looks like, creating buyer persons also helps you pinpoint their pains, goals, and buying patterns.

Buyer persona helps you focus your over raw digital marketing effort on prospects, and also it serves as a guide to develop and improve your products, services, contents to suit the need of the target audience.

Why audience personas are so important to small businesses

It’s pretty easy to understand why creating buyer personas is important to a large business enterprise but if you’re still at the starting stage of your business, you might still be wondering why you should bother. After all, you know who your audiences are, wouldn’t this be a total waste of time for you?

Well, no. It really wouldn’t. If you want something,

Audience persons helps  you to clearly define what you’re going after, and also it helps you narrow your focus.

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1. Creating buyer personas helps you tailor your ads, emails, contents, product development, and service to meet the specific needs, behavior, or concern of your target audience.

Some people believe their product is for everyone, well they might be right but they forgot, not everyone needs their products. In the real sense some products and services are more peculiar to certain categories of people than others.  This type of notion in marketing will frustrate your marketing effort and also cost (money) you more.

2. Audience personas will help you identify and prioritize changes to your offering based on what your customers need the most.

3. Buyer personas help to build effective digital marketing strategies: When creating content marketing strategies, for instance, personas are crucial. They help to focus on keyword research efforts. They can also help in the identification and prioritization of promotional activities.

4.Buyer personas would also help you build rapport with potential customers: By understanding what your prospect is dealing with and coming prepared to address their concerns, this will be much more effective  than general information.

5.You can use personas to better serve your customers:By being trained on the problems your customers are trying to solve with your product and the frustration it causes when things don’t work out, you will be able to show more empathy. A little compassion can go a long way when dealing with an angry customer.

6. Creating buyer personas , continually helps guide your business, and also keeps you centered on the needs of your customers.

How to create a buyer persona

Creating a buyer persona requires time, patience, and most importantly an inquisitive mind. In other to create a buyer persona you need to ask yourself, and your business some question in other to define who will be interested in what you have to offer, I know you’re probably thinking what kind of questions am I talking about, it’s nothing you are not familiar with, you just don’t take it seriously.

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This question would help you lay out a framework of who your buyer personas are, questions include

Personal information

  • Their age
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education

Goals and challenges

  • What are their personal goals and career
  • How they prioritize their goals
  • What challenges impact achieving these goals
  • How can you help?
  • What questions do they ask when seeking solutions to these challenges?
  • Too expensive for personal
  • Not enough budgets
  • Too difficult

These questions are unlimited Depending on the nature and type of your business or products, doing this, you should also be thinking about how you will communicate your unique selling point (USP ) to each persona, as you can segment your buyer persona into different category and class depending on the type of product and services you offer.

Once you  have identify the pains and goal(s) of your audience, you can now create a clear picture of how your products, services can help, at this time, you need to stop thinking about the feature of your products but rather you should start thinking and digging deep on how customers can benefit from your products.

Creating a buyer persona helps you take your mind from the features of your products o but tailoring your product features to the need of your customer,you can flip your mind  around and consider your products and services from your customer’s points of view.

Now, that you have gathered all of the useful information about your buyer persona you can group those characteristics together,  doing that you’ll have the basis of your unique customer personas.

Then you can document it and tailor your marketing campaign toward that.

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