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Smart Words to Increase Your Conversion Rate

I know you have a good graphic design,  and well-designed websites but do you have a compelling word to convert your traffic to make purchases?

Language is a powerful tool, not only in our day to day life, it’s crucial in digital marketing, whether people will click on your ads or purchase your products depends on your choice of words.

Right words help you connect with the audience and spur people to take action. The words you use to market your product or services immensely affect if your audience would make a purchase or not.  The importance of the right words cannot be overstated in any form of digital marketing be it emails marketing or social media marketing to mention a few.

Right words have the ability to motive and inspire your audience; they are the determining factor in every step of the way through the marketing funnel from the awareness stage through to the purchase or decision stage. The trick is to know which one works for your business or digital marketing campaign. To kick start here are powerful words to skyrocket your online sales and business.

  1. Words that create a sense of urgency
  2. Words that create curiosity
  3. Words that make a promise and make people feel safe
  4. Words that tap into emotion

 Words the create curiosity

These words are the best weapon to increase your click-through rate, (CTR) a headline with curiosity words leaves people to be inquisitive and want to learn more about your product or services. Just like you would satisfy hunger by eating or thirst by drinking it’s also to curiosity. Curiosity is a naturally occurring urge that must simply be satisfied, it’s the inquisitiveness or tendency to ask and learn more about something. Your ads, blog posts, emails, and landing page would become Irresistible with these words embedded your content especially if it’s on the headlines.

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Examples include behind the scenes the be first Become an, unlock Eye-opening, etc

Words that create a sense of urgency

Customers are the greatest focal point for any business, the faster you are able to convince your potential customer to make purchases the faster you grow. But this could be a little difficult but not impossible. One of the greatest challenges in digital marketing is converting leads to buying customers.

When it comes to customer conversion, nothing works best than creating a sense of urgency, because people’s fear of loss is greater than the desire of gain people don’t want to miss out on things, . Creating a sense of urgency is crucial if you want people to make people make an instant purchase and choosing right words that create an emergency for your Call to action (CTA) is the key.

People are easily distracted on a digital platform which makes it even more difficult for them to make the purchase even  after they find your product useful  and valuable here examples of words  that create a sense of urgency  even in the midst of distraction includes

  • Time (limited time, last time, now, today only, deadline, seconds, minutes)
  • Speed (now, act now, don’t delay, hurry, rush, instant)
  • Scarcity (once in a lifetime, one day only, never again, last chance)

Word s that makes people safe

Trust is everything when it comes to laying money on the line. Promising something to your prospect sells well

If you haven’t communicated that your product or your business is legit and promising, why should anybody get their credit card out of their wallet?

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One way to get your readers to turn into buyers is to make them feel safe and make them feel your product is worth buying. Below you will find some powerful marketing words that can help you make this promise. Examples certified, tested, authentic, guaranteed

Words that tap into emotion

Research from psychology shows that people respond to the emotional part of the ads a lot than the text itself. Come to think about it which one would you consider between two advertisements, one that simply talked about a product and one that made you cry or laugh, The latter more, right?  Emotions are one of the main reasons people prefer using particular products or brands. it helps content to go viral,  and it was also found out that content with high- arousal emotion such as anger and happiness are more likely to receive high engagement. it encourages other activity that can help you grow your business and conversion rate

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