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Top Apps for Professional Networking and Personal Connections

The technology world has revolutionized the way we meet people, the way we connect with friends, and the way we expand our professional network and business connections today. There are so many apps out there which can help you with both your professional and personal networking needs. In this article, we aim to bring you a waddled-down list of apps to help you in both departments. Hopefully, these apps will begin connections and friendships online, which we can eventually bring to life in person sometime soon. There seems to be way too many options out there, and scrolling through the app store on your phone will take up way too much time. In this piece, I will provide you with six effective professional apps and for fun and inventive personal networking apps, which actually work.

Professional Networking Apps:

1: LinkedIn

It really would not be an article on professional networking without LinkedIn.  This professional networking giant has grown even more in popularity over the recent pandemic, as it allows people to do the networking online that they are missing in person by working from home or being furloughed. LinkedIn is a great tool to have in your professional back pocket.


2: Shapr

Shapr is similar to Tinder, in that it has a built-in algorithm which allows you to meet people tailored to your profile and interests. You ‘swipe’ to meet (or not) 15 relevant people to you every day. This app allows you to find professionals near you based on what you are looking to find.

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3: Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a conference help app, as it allows virtual introductions and connections to online conference speakers and hosts, as well as fellow attendees. It also allows you to connect outside the app and meet up face-to-face.

4: Bumble Bizz

Bumble (yes, the dating app), but as a professional networking app. Bumble Bizz allows professionals to find like-minded individuals to connect and network with.


5: CityHour

This app is perfect for the spontaneous business professional with a few extra minutes on their hands or without a lunch buddy. CityHour allows connections and meetups almost instantly, whenever you have a spare moment to network. This app is perfect for professionals in a new city, or people who want to turn their downtime into productivity.


6: 1 Million Cups

This app was built for budding business owners and entrepreneurs, as it connects people through monthly meetings for entrepreneurs. The average entrepreneur barely has time to make a cup of coffee in the morning, let alone spend hours on networking. But networking is essential to successful entrepreneurship, so 1 Million Cups decided to help out. Simply search your city and find local events near you!


Personal Networking Apps:

7: Bumble BFF

Bumble (yes, the dating app) has come back as a friendship platform. This app is great for finding people around you in a new area, or if you are just looking to expand friendships in your life.


8: Peanut

Peanut was created by its founder Michelle Kennedy as a way to connect with a new mum around her when she was feeling lonely, and it has expanded since then! Peanut is a great place to find like-minded women to connect with and talk to near you. 

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9: NextDoor

NextDoor is a place for neighbors to easily communicate, ask for help when they need, and resolve neighborhood issues easily. It is also helpful for finding like-minded people literally down the road, and for little side-job opportunities such as babysitting.


10: BarkHappy

Dog lovers, this one is for you! This app is location based, and helps you connect with other dog owners and lovers near you. This will help you find like-minded people near you and connect with a community you are already involved in.

Finally, The technology that we have available in this modern day and age has made finding people to network and connect with easier than getting out of bed in the morning. However, although these apps will find you the people to connect with, you need to do the grunt work. Send an email, reach out to the people you connect with, and make an effort with the people that you connect with on these apps. These apps are a helping hand, not a replacement for actual interaction and effort.