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Valuable UX and UI Design Tips To Increase Conversion Rates

UI, also known as User-Interface Design, refers to everything that you see on the search bar of a website. UI design helps web visitors perform tasks on the sites. UI designers are interested in how the product feels. On the other hand, UX, also known as User Experience, refers to the processes of researching, creating, and refining the way users interact with a company through a website. UX designers are interested in how the product is laid out. In other words, the User Interface helps to enhance the User Experience. Therefore, UX and UI designers help to make sure that the audience finds value during their interactions with services and products from brands. For this reason, the UI and UX designs of a website are significant influencers on the profitability of a business. Below are a few tips for increasing conversion rates using UI and UX design.


1. Make sure the page speed is outstanding

Users often leave a website because it takes a long to load. A load time of more than a few seconds is considered long. Improving the speed of your page helps to enhance the user experience. By doing so, you will increase the chances that users will get to see your products and deals, hence making purchases and increasing your profitability.

2. Use high-quality images

Using high-quality images helps to increase conversion rates both on mobile apps and websites. Users want to see pictures that are appealing. In other words, the images influence their desire for a product and whether or not they will spend time on the website. Make sure to provide photos that display a product from more than one angle. It helps the users to gain a better understanding of the product, hence the conversion rate. Allowing users the ability to cook into a picture for a better visual appeal also comes in handy.

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3. Content and content presentation

In any website or app, the content and how it is presented is far more important than user development or front-end development. When creating blog content, you must engage your readers and make sure to capture their attention. The quality of the content is also essential. Make sure to use persuasive headlines that connect to viewers on an emotional level and use bullet points. Bullet points help to improve the quality of the viewer’s readability.

4. Consistency

Perhaps the most important of the UI and UX design tips is consistency. Consistency between the styles, content, font choices and sizes, types of images, and styles of buttons, among other design elements, helps to improve the user’s experience. Too many drastic changes in the UI and UX designs tend to confuse the viewers. Consistency also helps to build a permanent image and brand, which helps to increase conversion rates on both mobile apps and websites.

5. Call-To Action

A call-to-action or CTA element is usually presented in the form of a button. The aim is mostly to deliver simple but directive statements that persuade clients to take action. It usually gives the viewers directions on where to go and what to do next. For better conversion rates, you can use relevant, simple, comprehensive, and catchy CTA buttons.

6. Avoid Clutter in the Background

Background clutter tends to distract viewers from the main agenda of the website or app. To avoid this issue, designers use white spaces, which help to generate more leads and increase conversion rates of the site.

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Finally, A conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who take the desired action. This action can be to visit a particular site or to purchase of product from a website. The way a website or app is designed influences its conversion rates. Using the tips mentioned above would help significantly increase the profitability of businesses by increasing their conversion rates.