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 Ways to Improve Customer Service Through Social Media

Social media platforms have become one of the most effective ways customer communicate and engage with brands and businesses. In today’s world, customers use social media as a channel to connect with businesses.

Serious brands and businesses are now available on social media platforms. However, that alone is not enough, they need to adopt strategies and ways to improve customer service.

It’s no doubt that social media is the future of customer service as statistics.

Reviews that 80% of consumers use social to engage with brands. Also, customers expect to receive a response to their complaints on Twitter, Facebook and even their likes on Instagram.

Customers now find social media platforms an easy way to get through to businesses and brands due to this facts businesses and organizations need to develop and deliver effective and topnotch social media customer service.

Tips in getting to know your customer better on social media 

What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service is a practice of providing consumer support via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram and any social media channels you can think of. This practice is now very crucial to brand because it would help to improve relationships, protect brand reputation, increase customer confidence and loyalty to mention a few. Therefore every business should make customer service top priority for all brand and business social media customer service

Let dive into important tips on how to improves social media customer service.

1. Quickly Respond to Messages

When a business  When you receive a message from a customer, it’s important you promptly address their concerns,  complains,  and answer their questions.

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Increasingly, people are using Facebook Messenger to reach out to businesses. You can set up Q&A triggers so that the bot answers frequently asked questions immediately.

2. Act Human

One of the ways to act human is to appreciate your online customer, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of appreciation. everyone wants to be loved so also your online consumers, they want to feel loved,  its good to cultivate the habit of appreciating your clients when they say something positive about your brand or even give freebie.

3. Be Social

Offering a  topnotch customer service begins with being social,   Never, never, never forget that social media will only be helpful to you as long as you stay social and engage with followers. As soon as it becomes a broadcast medium instead of a conversation, the game’s over. You’ll lose followers much quicker than you gain them.

4. Ask for feedback

A big part of customer service is asking for and listening to feedback. If you know of a particular “pain point” or compliant that customers have with your business, ask them what improvements you can make.

You can do this by creating a poll or solicit feedback on a variety of different topics. You can even ask customers what kind of customer support they’d like access to on your Facebook or Twitter account.

Here’s a link to a create a poll on Facebook.  you just need to ensure that the poll is focused on one topic, tell fans the results of the poll and how you plan to implement their feedback.

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5. Keep an Eye on Competitors

Always learn from your competition, both the good and the bad. Monitoring competitors for the same customer issues that you deal with will let give you new ideas for helping as well as things to avoid if they screw it up. Monitoring their customer service streams can also bring issues up that you haven’t had to deal with yet but might, giving you a head start on the problems before they reach your inbox.


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