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Why is Scratch Perfect for Kids

Scratch is not just and creative and educative programming language its also an easy and fun way to engage kids’ creative minds. Scratch is a widely popular programming language for kids abroad but not well known in this part of the world Nigeria. It is an effective way to develop kid’s cognitive skills and to prepare them for advanced programming language.

Every part of scratch programming is designed especially for kids from the interface to how the blocks will be manipulated to make a project. And it’s designed in such a way kids would easily navigate through it.

 Getting to know the scratch interface

The Scratch user interface is the area on your screen where the Scratch program exists. This screen is divided into different sections or “panes” and each has different functions. From choosing blocks to snapping blocks to seeing your code in action. Below are the main areas of the Scratch editor.

1.The Stage

The background (where your programming comes alive)


Allows kids  to incorporate sprites and sounds easily from previous projects

Cursor Tools

For duplicating, deleting, grow, shrink, and tips


2.  The scripts area

This is where kids can drag, snap, or manipulate blocks of code to make their Scratch projects(animation, games, etc).

In other, for kids to remove something from your Scripts area,  they just need to drag it back onto the blocks palette.

3.  Sprites Pane

The sprites pane includes different characters of sprites for kid’s project. To edit the script of a particular sprite, kids need to go select in the Sprites pane.

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4. Block Palette

The block palette is made up of varieties of ‘blocks’ that you can drag and drop onto the scripts area. blocks of code listed in ten categories.

The code blocks are of a different colour, so you can easily find a block based on its colour. The block categories are Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Data, Events, Control, Sensing, Operators, and More Blocks. The interface opens to the project editor, which has six main areas:

What is a sprite?

A sprite is a character that performs actions in Scratch. Sprites are the only part of your project that can move.

What is a stage?

Stages, on the other hand, are the backdrops in your project. You can make changes to these backdrop images but they don’t move and can’t perform actions based on the scripts you create.

Why is scratch perfect for kids

1. Scratch programming is EASY

Scratch is easy because what kids require doing is to drag and drop the blocks in the order in which the child desires. The block is designed in such, that each shape of the block already hints kids on how and when they can use each block. The colours of the blocks also help kids associate certain blocks with certain computing concepts

2. Scratch programming is FUN

This programming language is fun because every block(code) within the interface can be demonstrated in real-time. The latest edition of scratch has added many adorable and endearing character which will capture the imagination of any child. Like making the sprite talk, dance, laugh or sing, the possibilities are endless.

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3. Scratch programming is ROBUST

It’s robust because as a programming language, Scratch not only has rich and engaging features but it very strongly mimics/resembles how full-featured, full-syntax languages like Python, JavaScript and Java work.  And it designed in such a way that the kids will able to grasps their mind around it.

Scratch 3.0 is made using JavaScript and HTML in a collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google so a product of only the best tech minds of the day.

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