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Does your Facebook ad costs too high and your engagement too low?

Are you Wondering how to get your Facebook marketing campaign back on the right track?

Are your facebook ad campaigns not yielding or underperforming? Don’t sulk. There are various ways to fix your ads and increase the click-through rate (CTR), engagement, and conversions.


To proceed to discuss how to improve facebook ads without taking a view at the problem would be a very huge mistake. So, here are some of the reasons why your facebook ads have been underperforming;

1. Wrong timing
2. Poor audience targeting
3. Use of ambiguous language
4. Lack of (or irrelevant) content or poor content
5. Your ad is too wordy
6 your Facebook ad is salesy


While there are many reasons for people to invest in facebook ads to market their brand and business, doing this (facebook advertising) the wrong way could equally drain your pocket without getting you desirable result.
Here are some of the techniques or strategies to follow in other to improve the performance of your facebook ads:

1. Specific audience targeting:
Facebook advertising is supposed to be a marketer’s dream come true, with the Zuckerberg-owned company’s vast database, popularity and capability to segment audience. Many a person make a common mistake of targeting a massive audience instead of identifying and targeting their own audience.

Without an iota of doubt, large audience size results in high cost per click, therefore huge audience (especially when they are chosen solely for the numbers) can mean a huge waste of money. You wouldn’t want to waste a whole chunk of money on advert when such fund could be channeled into other places.

The savvy marketer would make the most of their campaign budget, by targeting the right audience.
In other to achieve this (target the right audience), huge attention should be placed on often overlooked criteria like demography , connection to different apps and pages as well as audience area of interest so as to concisely (precisely) serve your facebook ads to the people who matter to their brand or business.


2. Utilizing quality content:
Is your content clear, benefit-driven, user-focused, and actionable? Does your image capture the users’ attention? Are your content too long for the audience to view? Are your content up to date?…… These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

If your ad isn’t capturing the attention of your target audience that it’s worth the diversion, you most probably won’t be getting the clicks you so desire.
So, one of the ways in which you can improve the potency of your facebook ads as a marketer is to improve the quality of your marketing language (your content).

3. Set realistic marketing goals:
What is the major aim of that campaign that you are creating the facebook ad for? What optimization goal did you set for the ad? How realistic are those goals? Are your optimization goal too high ?
Most marketers do not realize that when you select an optimization goal, you are telling Facebook exactly what type of action you’re looking forward to your audience to take. This, in turn, allows Facebook to target your ideal audience with even more precision.

You can change your facebook ads optimization goal to link clicks instead of conversions. The campaign will still keep track of these conversions, but this way Facebook will see what kind of people are interested in your ads based on who has clicked and will select a better portion of your audience to reach.

4. Use image (preferably info graphics) that best represent your brand in your content:
In previous times (as recently as December 2019), tech-savvy marketers would tell you that instead of using that wordy content to run facebook ads for your brand, you should make use of various pictorial contents (images) which best depicts or represents your brand as well as the product (or service) that is being advertised.

However, according to new facebook standards, the images in your facebook ads cannot exceed an image to text ratio of 20% – this includes logos, slogans, watermarks, and any other text that may be on your image.

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Hence, when next you are running a facebook ad, use images that best represent your brand. If your ad violate this new rule, facebook will simply reduce your ad’s reach or not run it at all. You could use facebook text overlay tool  to rate your image and find out Based on how text-heavy your image is.

5. Use relevant content:
Technology is a dynamic field that is subject to constant change. Another proof of this is facebook’s new “content relevance” policy. In previous times, only the witty marketer was concerned with the relevance of their content to their target audience.

In one of the latest developments made by facebook, before you run ads on facebook you get to answer questions like “How relevant is your ad to your audience?“. Facebook has introduced a new relevance score.

Relevance score ranges from 1-10, this score range tells facebook how interesting your ads are to your audience, and how they’re engaging either positively or negatively. The better the score, the more likely your ads are to be shown than others and lower your cost.

To know your score in Facebook, go to the Ads Manager and select your campaign. Once you’re there, you should be able to edit your columns so that your Relevance Score is displayed. Once you’ve accomplished that you will be able to see your score, as well as positive and negative feedback .


6. Audience’s Content benefit 

Facebook ad should be informative and educative rather than salesy, people want to know the importance of your brand to them ,what they will benefit from it , your ads should contain what people will benefit from you rather than simply making sale’s pitch.

Are there other ways of improving facebook ad performance that have not been mentioned above? feel free to add them in the comment section.


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