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What Is Scratch

You may be wondering that what exactly is scratch and why is it important for kids to learn.

Well…This is 21st century where almost everything requires the knowledge of IT and technology. The world of IT is growing fast than we know. Therefore you need to equip your kids for what it takes to fit into the new phase of life (digital space). The big question probably going through your mind is how will I prepare them for the new phase of life(digital space). The  go-to answer is the coding language Scratch

Scratch is a programming language for kid’s ages 8-14 specially design for building strong logical and creative thinking skills in kids, And also to prepare kids for advancing programming language like python, c++, java etc.

  what is scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language created by the Massachuesetts  Institute of Technology  (MIT)Media Lab in 2007. It’s has a drag-and-drop interface with colourful blocks.



Unlike traditional programming languages like Python where the coder must write out the code, Scratch empowers young people and adults to easily build interactive programs by connecting code blocks together.

Scratch is not only designed for kids but for everyone with no coding knowledge since scratch has an accessible and friendly introduction. While Scratch is a great way to get started, there are more complex programming languages these are the ones used day-to-day in computer science jobs

Now that you’ve learned what Scratch is, let’s dive deeper into how scratch differs from advance coding languages.

The majority of the world’s most popular coding languages are text-based,” meaning that code is written by typing words and symbols with your keyboard. To create a program in text-based languages like Python, Java, and C++, you must string together multiple lines of code written by hand. While this method of programming is efficient and powerful, it can be tedious to learn for the first time just like picking up a foreign language.

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Just as human languages that each have their own unique grammar and vocabulary,  advanced coding languages have special ways to write different commands (instructions telling the computer what to do), as well as their own tricky syntax. This learning curve can often be discouraging for young new coders.

In contrast, Scratch is ablock-based, visual programming language.  This visual programming language help users to create programs by snapping blocks together,  just like a LEGO toy! They can then click the green flag button in the Scratch interface to run them.



Importance of scratch programming

1.  To build interactive stories

Scratch allows kids to create their interactive stories, making the platform creative and fun. Scratch’s interactive stories are different from the normal storybook narratives we are familiar with. Scratch makes users fantasy come through by letting everyone playing the game be the main character!  

The use of Scratch to tell stories makes it an engaging way for kids to practice storytelling while also learning code at the same time here by developing their logical reasoning and ability.

The good news is, with scratch, Stories don’t all have to be complex, because simple projects can be fun and engaging! It’s possible to create scratcher (the person using scratch)their own non-interactive stories in Scratch as well as making your own little movie.

2. To develop Artistic Design & Creativity

With scratch, Kids can create their own games and artistic design with the use of a special character called “sprites” Scratch has a large library of preset sprites and backgrounds, but it also lets kids draw their own designs.

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This means that with enough practice, your kids will be able to create games, they think of or visualize! Customizing sprites and building narratives will improve kids artistic skills and make them better at design, storytelling, and thematic consistency.

3. Increase their Logical Thinking & Problem-Solving

Creating projects in Scratch makes your child a better programmer and familiarizes them with how computer science works. By practising basic logical thinking and problem-solving coding concepts, your child will be prepared to tackle higher-level computer science or even accelerate their learning in other subjects like math or science.

4. Develop their Planning Skills

To plan out the mechanics of their game or story, your child will need to figure out how multiple parts of their code or design will work together. Practising brainstorming in Scratch helps kids develop strong planning and organizational skills that are transferable across multiple areas of life.

For all the reasons above and more, Scratch is an innovative platform and coding language that brings creativity and easy learning to new coders of all ages.

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