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How to Identify Quality Leads

Regardless of your business nitch, your main objective is to sell your product or service. In other to generate quality leads,

You need to have an ideal customer in mind for you to tailor your offerings and marketing strategy to drive sales.

A persona is not just a segment of your marketing campaign but more of a frictional representation of a desirable customer. When you creating a persona, take into account the following data, such as demographics and behaviour patterns.

You can collect this information from Google Analytics or  Social Media Insight.

So, what are leads?

You might be wondering who are leads or who can you call a lead.

Someone fills up a form on your website, calls your company landline requesting info, initiates a chat on your website, or interacts with you on social media.


1. Start by understanding what makes a “qualified” lead.

To capture qualified leads, you need to have a clear definition of  “quality”. And also understand the attributes that make a great or quality leads.

Characteristics of  quality leads

Some of the characteristics of quality leads include

1. The ability to identify specific pain points:
If a customer has a specific problem your product or business is solving then that qualities them as quality leads. These leads not only have a problem, but they should also desire a solution.

2. Sees the value in what you offer:

One of the vital characteristics you should take note of all the traffic generated from your marketing campaign is this fact”seeing value in what you offer”.
I know the next question probably on your mind is how will I know if they(leads) see value in what I’m offering. First thing you need to know is that they don’t hesitate to purchase. that’s why its important to create value around your products.

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great leads see o much value in your solution that

3. Feeling a sense of urgency:

Quality leads don’t spend time dragging price or debating logistics. They understand that time is of the essence. it important to know the longer the problem goes unsolved the more they lose interest.

4. Knowing your company exists:

One of the things that make people hesitate in making purchases is if they are not aware of your band or business. But once this problem is solved you can rest assured they are quality leads.

Prospective clients who are aware of your brand and the solutions you can provide,

is easy to convince to purchase.

2. Get leads by establishing buyer personas.

You can create buyer personas through research, surveys, and interviews. All with a mix of customers, prospects, and those outs of nitch but who might align with your target audience.

3.Generate leads by making proper research.

Clients don’t specifically tell you they have the qualities you’re looking for, so you have to define explicitly the behaviours to indicate when a lead has reached your critical threshold of “qualified” and is worth pursuing.

Once you’ve conducted buyer research, you need to translate that data to lead. Find tangible, measurable aspects of behaviours and desires.

I hope you have learned one or two things, do remember to drop your comment(s).