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Generate More Leads Speedup Your Sales

Generate  More Leads Speedup Your Sales

Your business is doomed to fail if no one knows about your business, therefore you need to learn how to generate quality leads for your brand if you want your business to thrive rather than just to survive in the competitive environment because more leads mean more sales.

Generating quality leads for your business or brand, on the other hand, can be a bit wearisome if you don’t know how to go about it. But below are some of the strategies to generate more leads for business with ease


  1. Leveraging on social media
  2. Optimize your webpage for conversion
  3. Give freebies
  4. Utilize inbound and outbound marketing strategy
  5. List building

1.Leveraging on social media; 66% of marketers saw lead generation benefit by just spending 6 hours on social media. In other to generate leads through your social media platforms, you need to be active on social media platforms, and also you need to constantly engage with clients.

More also you can generate more leads through the use of some social media tools like followerwonk, Followerwonk is a twitter tool used to analyze aspect such as information about followers, and also to reach the audiences that are associated with your niche. Twitter lead gen card also allows you to generate leads directly within a tweet without having the site. You can also leverage on Facebook to generate more leads. Facebook has a simple feature that lets you put a simple call to action button at the top of your Facebook Page, therefore, sending Facebook followers directly to your website.

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2.Optimize your web page for conversion; the purpose of webpage optimization is to capture prospect contact information such as email address, phone number and all other qualifying attributes that will aid your selling process. Your website needs to be optimized in such a way to persuade visitors to take action before leaving your website. You don’t have to worry about how to go about this you can make use of leadpage to create a high-performing webpage.

3.Give freebies: Giving freebies will generate lots of email address and social media leads in a short time, it’s works by you offering value or prize in exchange of participants email address, refer a friend, share and also to like on social media profile

4.Utilize inbound and outbound marketing: The balance utilization of this strategy (inbound and outbound marketing) helps you to generate more sales for your business, for inbound marketing strategy, personalize your email communication and get active in online communities by regular sharing of informative and relevant contents, as well as solving a customer problem. This will help you develop and foster health customer buyer relationships thereby leading to leads generation.

5.List building: This approach to lead generation takes a lot of effort, but it worth it, because it saves time and resources in the long run. Rather than you reaching out to everyone you come across you. You can save your time and energy by only reaching out to the qualified leads you have collected. The best way to Achieve this(list building), is to have a glimpse of your ideal persona profile, then reach out to these people either through search online, social media or using databases for lead generation.

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