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Why Non-Profit Organization Should Adopt Email Marketing

The goal of non-profit making organization is different from profit making organization, profit making companies have the tendency to take risks and deal with the consequences later, all in the name of growth. This is not often so with non-profits organization.

Rather than risk taking, non-profit seek solutions to systemic issues, often requiring donations and volunteers to accomplish their mission.

Because non-profits are different from other businesses, they also require different marketing techniques,to increase engagement with their  supporters, increase the level of participation among their volunteers,and those donating generously to their cause.

Email marketing like other digital channels would work wonders in generating leads and and raising funds. Statistics  shows 80% of marketers claim email is best for customer acquisition.

Email marketing  is also cost-effective  and here are 3 reasons why it should be at the top of every non-profit organization  priority.

 1. To engage audience with frequently personalized mails:

To be frank and sincere, most non-profit organization employees are overworked and have limited time to pick up phones and call all their supporters, volunteers and their generous donors, but even if they have the luxury of time to do that, it’s not logical enough to pick a phone and put a call through to quiet a number of  people when they can drop a personalized email which their supporters  could easily access when they are free and feel connected and appreciated.

With email marketing,non-profit organization  could reach a large number of people ( volunteers, supporters, and donors) without having the fears of calling at the wrong time with little effort.

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A frequent, personalized message would help  non-profit’s supporters feel engaged, appreciated, and stay connected with the cause of the organization.

2. To raise more money through targeted fundraising:

Every non-profit organization owner or employee,  needs to get creative and smart with their fundraising campaigns. The traditional ways of raising funds like galas and solicitation letters are fizzling out in this new generation (digital generation ).

Reports show that 65% of millennial prefer non-profit to email them news and updates from the organization and 47% of millennials prefer to learn about nonprofit from non-profit newsletters.

More reasons why every non-profit’s should make most of email marketing strategy to connect, generate leads, and make more funds for your cause at a very low cost.

To make the most of mail marketing, segment  mail-list based on interest, habit, preference, and level of engagement. Then make use of a monthly newsletter to notify supporters about upcoming events or important news.

3. It gives access to real-time feedback:

Email marketing unlike the traditional ways, allows people to view actual data on the success of their message like how many of their mail bounced (never made it to their  support email box), how many people opened their email and would also get to know the minutes or seconds they spent reading the email.

Email marketing gives  the perfect platform to experience how people interact with mails and also to know maybe it’s time  to prune some email list and ensure that everyone’s contact information is up to date.

These metric-driven feedbacks available with email marketing gives data  no one could never dream of having from other communication platforms.

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Email marketing is more than a good digital strategy idea for non-profit. Get started with your email marketing strategy with DIGPROM. Follows on @digprom