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10 Digital Marketing Habits For SMEs

Marketing is a vital part of business, small business owners who want their businesses to grow must incorporate and execute easily to understand marketing strategies, especially digital marketing strategy, now that reasonable number of people now makes purchases on the internet. An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. While in Nigeria there is no collective data of people that shop online but Data shows 63% of Nigerian online shoppers in 2018 were men, compared to 37% for women. This is a very impressive statistic as small businesses in Nigeria in every sector would have to invest more in online advertising.

The good thing about marketing via digital platforms is doesn’t have to be overcomplicated!  business owners just have to identify what is working and what is not working for their business. This doesn’t happen overnight it requires consistency and persistence. With that in mind here 10 digital marketing habits every small business owner should adopt in.

1. Use Google my Business

Google my Business is a free and easy-to-use tool designed by Google for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across and also become more visible to their potential customer through  Search and Maps. With google my business account. Businesses would get more then just listening to business owners can also optimize for local search me which is more effective.

2. Use social media to engage audiences

Social media is a great tool in the history of digital marketing, it was made marketing via the internet easy has it create an avenue to capture large audiences,  it’s also cost-effective as simple as you may think, you have to be smart in how you go about it.  You need to understand your audiences and create content that is geared towards them. Below are some of the tips to engage your audience

i. Know your audience; It’s hard to engage people you don’t know therefore knowing your audience is the first in engaging your audience  that’s why you have to understand your audience

ii.Ask question; One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is to ask questions, people always want to express their opinion but most time there is no avenue for this, therefore it important to always prompt your audience to talk by asking questions. The type of question you ask depends on your niche. For an instant the type of question people in the music industry will be different from the type of question people in the fashion industry will ask. There know your niche, identify your audience then you can ask the right question

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iii.Share video;Video is one of the most engaging content people resonate with on every social media, so it is a good idea to create video content to maximize engagement of social media, but be sure to upload your video directly to the platform rather than sharing links this way is would catch more people attention. And lots of views can lead to increase reach, engagement, and exposure of your brand.

3.Advertise on social media platform

Another important habit every marketer should adopt is sponsor ads. This habit is important if you want to level up your social media success, grow your audience, gain exposure, and also meet potential clients.  All the major social media platforms offer advertising options. But that doesn’t mean you should use all of them or spend a chunk of money on it.  this  suppose to be done once in a while. If you are thinking about which social media advertising works better it’s better you look at ones that perform well organically i.e. social media platforms where your content naturally strikes a chord with your followers or audience. Example of the platform with paid ad include Facebook ad, twitter ad p-interest ad Instagram


4. Add a retargeting pixel to website to advertise to website visitors

This habit is very essential if you have a website be it  an ecommerce site or regular website.Retargeting pixel allows you to keep your brand in front of your potential customers after they have left your website without making purchase .this is very important in marketing tactic as it helps customers thinking about your brands well after they visited your sites with or without taking any action.  Retargeting campaign allows you to target specific ads with a goal of convincing them to convert for you.  Read more

5.Ask customers for testimonials

Customer testimonials are an essential part of building up online- business. Customer testimonials about your brand are one of the best tactics to enhance your online reputation of your business and also important in helping to convert visitors into new clients. Therefore it’s crucial to develop the habit of asking customers review if you want to skyrocket your online sales.

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6. Collect email address and send an e-mail newsletter;

Building an email list is another marketing statics you need to adopt as a digital marketer not because it’s cost-effective alone but it’s the best way to send personalized message to potential clients or existing clients and also build intimacy between you and clients.

7. Listen to your customers

Most people understate the importance of listening totheir audiences, this one of the habits you have to be international about as it leads to active improvement of your  business, Developing this habit can be a bit tedious since there is a lot to keep tabs on with business. Listening to customers goes beyound  hearing about their problem,   but it more of connecting with your clients or audience, it does require paying closing attention their needs and understanding how you can help them achieve their goal. it’s one that will pay at last and contribute to the growth of your business.

8. Host an online workshop, webinar or training

You might be wondering who would listen or who cares? Well, your audience does,the importance of hosting a webnnar as a small busniness owner cant be over emphases not only does it position you as an expert in your field but can also generate new leads for your brand,foster relationship, and even increase creditbility.

9. Review competitors, see what is working and what its

This is very important inother to thriv in business industry its  an essential tactic for finding out what your competitors are doing and what kind of threat they present to the success of your company. And it very important to develop the habit of researching your audience as this help you be a step  of them .

10.Get creativity  

No idea is new, every new idea is birthed from existing ideas, creativity is finding new ways of solving problems and approaching situations. this doesnt jump on anyone its what happen over days, months  and years enaging with the right content.

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