Digital marketing : Future of hotel owners

Hotel is any establishment that provides accommodation and other services for paying guests. This industry basically provides lodging or accommodation to people who travel and needs shelter for the day.

Hotel industry is one of the most essential components of service industry, catering for customers who require overnight accommodation. It is closely related with the travel industry and the hospitality industry, although there are notable differences in scope.

Hotel industry basically focused on customer comfortablity and satisfaction. In different kind of hotels, different type of service is provided depending on The hotel functioning and the type of customer they want to attract.

The need for standard hotel in Nigeria can not be over emphasised, this is because of the part they play in the socio- economic growth of the nation(www.projectwriters.ng/project-topic-promotional-problems-hospitality-industry-study-selected-hotels-enugu-urban/). Nigeria ecomomy has experienced a rapid growth in hospitality industry, which has contributed to GDP of the country

Hotels render service to the general public or persons in transit ,most especially people traveling to location where they have neither their own homes nor any relative to cater for their accommodation, among much, persons will like to know few things about the hotels available in the location .

In other words, they may want to know about available hotels, the categories of such hotels, the rooms and suit fares, the type of food served, and other necessary service they render in the hotel,perhaps other special feature that make such hotels appealing to the sojourners in transit.

In recent years the major causes of hotel business failure is promotion and lack of detailed information and knowledge about the service these hotels render to their potential customer (https://www.projecttopics.org/problems-hotel-business-nigeria.html/amp) therefore Hotels need to increase their visibility.internet now is the main way that customers, or potential clients, find out about hotels and their services.

It’s essential for hotel owners to know that a huge number of modern customers use search engines like Google to find hotels and make bookings. For this reason, one of the single most effective marketing strategies is to make use internet.

Hotel owners need to create online awareness , optimized their online presence by posting stunning hotel photos, catchy descriptions and High-quality content, comprehensive and detailed information of their services and bookings to their potential customer via digital platforms translated into multiple languages

It is therefore, absolutely important that every hotel owners take their time to build an engaging, attractive, functional website, which makes a good first impression to potential clients, and also have a blog which can generate more traffic to their website leading to a potential customer.