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How To Work Remotely From Home

COVID-19 outbreak has compelled companies to support remote work. Large companies and individuals who already learned the technical know-how of the remote policies are at a greater advantage in the enforcement of this new development. This pandemic outbreak has caused a lot of employees to work from home, and the situation could get complicated for employees who have never actively work from home especially in this part of the world Nigeria.

Getting the task done from a comforts zone of your home could be less productive if you are not intentional about it, or not having the right tools and resources to get the task done. But it doesn’t have to be that bad, especially when you know how to.

These are the three major ways to successfully work remotely from home

1. Ensure to have the right Apps (tools): Thanks to technology. You don’t have to go where to be everywhere, you can get everything done in the comfort zone of your home with the right tools or applications. you just have to know which apps or online tools are best for your work or task. Below are some of the apps that would help you productive and stay connected to your co-worker (colleague ).

I. Serene (Mac); is a free app for Mac that enables you to achieve maximum productivity while working from home. This app is configured in such a way to
Firstly block access of the distracting website such as social media and news websites, which could take your attention away from work.Study shows that it takes 23 minutes and 15seconds to get back on track after being distracted.
Secondly, to encourage you to set a single daily goal and stay focused on achieving this goal throughout the day, letting you know how much time you have left to complete tasks. These are some of the   Key features
Website blocker
App blocker
Session timer
Day planner
To-do list

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II. Chrome Remote Desktop: this app is also free,it helps you access your computer securely anywhere, anytime from your mobile, tablet or any electronic devices and also to screen share with teammates for more robust collaboration.
Key feature
Remote Access
Remote support
Screen share

III. Toggle; This app requires you to pay before you can assess it, this software helps you keep track of how it takes to complete your task. This software is designed mainly for remote workers (Freelencers), making sure they bill accurately for project and getting paid for the amount of time spent on project.
Key feature
Time tracking
Time tracking
Boost profit

IV. Zoom: this app is mainly designed for video meeting either teams or one-to-one video calls. It can also be used to host webinars
Key feature
Voice calls
Video meeting

V. Slack; this is a messaging platform software designed for teams to communicate live, and it’s an ideal communication tool for remote workers
Key feature
Instant messaging
File sharing

VI.Google drive is used for creating documents, file sharing this app works much better than Microsoft drive in terms of sharing files and corroboration which make it more efficient for remote workers
Key feature
Cloud storage

learn more on how to use this apps
2. Choose a dedicated workspace: Set yourself up for success in a place where you can focus on the task at hand. The key to successfully work at home is to choose a dedicated space, working at home could be a little bit difficult because of different distractions coming from different corners of the house, children playing and wife seeing movies, husband trying to be funny, noisy machinery to mention a few. But that shouldn’t stop you from being productive while working at home, all you need to do is to choose a convenient working space, be it your room, or any space in your house, to avoid distraction, and to focus more on being productive. Most importantly, choose a space where you can easily get motivated to work.

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3. Schedule your working hours: when you are working from home, you are your boss. Without proper scheduling and discipline, you can quickly lose focus or burn out. It very important to know that the most productive hour of the day is in the morning when working from home or working alone. You need to keep a more structured daily schedule than usual and maximize the productive hour of the day, which is in the morning. It is advisable to you’re your schedule around the most productive part of the day.

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