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Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Campaign Fails

Doe digital marketing really work? I have spent thousands of naira on my digital marketing campaign and I got absolutely nothing from it. These are the words from some brand owners who invest lots of naira in their digital marketing campaign without getting a positive result.

Most times, brand owners who speak like this know that everyone most especially their target audience spends most of their time on the internet via mobile devices or laptops and they need to be visible to them via digital platforms if they want to reach them.

Yet their digital marketing campaigns keep failing, (not converting for them) and they didn’t ask themselves what they are not doing right.

Why not ask yourself why some businesses are getting result while you are not getting frustrated with your digital marketing campaign   

Here are some of the reasons why your digital marketing campaigns keep failing you

1.Your ads are not consumable

Most of the time your ad is too busy (wordy) for your target audience to consume at a glance and this is why your ads are not generating or yielding for you, statistic shows us that people have a short attention span, the average attention span of Internet user has dropped to 8 seconds as compared to 12 seconds in 2000 and 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention. you need to maximize this limited time to pass the relevant information across to your audience through your ads. Therefore your ad should be precise and you should carefully select the words on your ads and your call to action should be clear and visible to the target audience.

2. Sponsoring ads to send traffic to a useless website 

I know you are already thinking about what a useless website looks like well, let see what a useless website is 

A useless website is a website that 


The most stupid thing any digital marketer could do is to sponsor an ad either a Facebook ad or Google ad to a website which satisfies the aforementioned criteria, it’s a total waste of money because web users spend 69% of their time viewing the left half of a page and 30% viewing the right.  No buyer would spend the next seconds on a website which can’t communicate their service in a simple and clear words talk less of making a purchase.

You should do your brand a favor of not sponsoring ads to your website if you know your website is not 100% optimized to convert your traffic. Because it would be a total waste of funds.

3.You are not providing content for every stage of a customer’s journey

Every digital marketer should always bear in mind that their idea persona always passes through several stages for them to become loyal customers and they need to supply them with different contents at different stages of their journey. 

Let see how this work 

i. Awareness stage: At this stage of buyers journey prospects who are strangers to your brand and company wants to know who you are and what you stand for. So focus on establishing a relationship with them, supplying them with helpful information, solve their problems and give answers to their questions. Doing this you are building trust and in turn providing information about your products. This stage is very crucial cause it gives the impression of what your brand stands for and it determines if your persona will proceeds to the next stage of the marketing funnel, therefore, there are do’s and don’t at this stage of persona’s journey so as to ensure that they make it down to the marketing funnel .

The don’t

At this stage, you are not expected to sell, give detailed information about your products/service or even get subscribers to purchase.

The do’s 

I know you are you want to make sales but you have to be strategic going about that. Rather than telling a persona to buy, educates them, be helpful in any way they should and see if they won’t make it to the next stage.

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ii.Consideration stage: At this stage, your persona has graduated from the awareness stage of the marketing funnel, now at the consideration stage. In this consideration stage customers are now willing and interested to know more about your brand and products so you need a content that would position your brand and products well to these customers,  At this stage, there are also do’s and don’t. let see the do’s and don’t of this stage 

The do’s

Supply them with the content of your unique selling point, what you have to offer them yours. 

The don’t 

At this stage, you don’t have to be too salesy 

iii. Conversation stage: The goal of this stage is to convince your persona to purchase your products, at this stage, they(persona) already know the value of your products and service, you need to supply your prospects with content that makes your brand and products better than that of your competitors. Can you take a minute to think about what makes your product better than that of your competitors, once you are done thinking about it then you have a better chance for your persona to buy from you 

The don’t 

Don’t overwhelm subscribers with sales assets and sales calls 

iv. Loyalty: At this stage, you want to retain customers and instill loyalty in them, all you need to do is to provide them with helpful content and awesome service.

Do and don’t of this stage


Give helpful information and send educational, relevant content to your customers


Don’t stop interacting and adding value to your customers 

v. Advocacy: At this stage, your customer has become something more than a customer they have become a fan of your products or service

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