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As a user, we all use different products in our day-to-day activities. It’s either we like the products or dislike them for a certain reason. The most reason why we dislike a particular product is due to poor/bad user experience.

Many organizations fail or break down as a result of poor user experience because user experience ensures good interaction of the product with the user. Any organization that fails to make a user experience a priority might face the following problems:

  1. Loss of audience
  2. Bankrupt
  3. Decrease in productivity
  4. Decrease in income
  5. Poor communication and feedback
  6. Lack of awareness and so on.

What is user experience?

“User experience includes all the aspects of the interaction between the end-user with the company, its services, and its products.” according to Nielsen Norman Group

When we talk about user experience it’s the overall interaction of the audience to particular products. It’s a longtime evaluation of users’ perception and feedback about a particular product. Many regards user experience with different meaning but no matter what people say it is, it’s really clear and it is more and more important for any industry that wants to succeed.

Any industry out there that wants to grow and succeed must take into account user-centered design i.e. the product must focus and serve the purpose to the target audience. Another thing the company must take accounts is human product interaction i.e. the product must be simple and easy to use for the users.


  1. Productivity and Loyalty: User experience is very important in every organization as it fulfills user’s needs. It focuses what the users needs and aims to provide experience that keeps the audience or user of a product loyal to product and by this demands of such product increases and from this the productivity of the organization increases. Any  organization that fails in user experience obviously won’t have increase in demand of the product.
  2. Solution:  User experience is also important for any organization as it provides solution to certain problems faced by the organization. The feedback the organization get from users about a particular product helps the organization to figure the cause of the problem, the solution and  making the products useful to the audience once again. an organization that fails user experience might not be able to figure out critical problems affecting a product and that makes it difficult for users to use and a result of this the users might abandon such products which leads to loses at the organization ends.
  3. Differentiate products from competitors: User experience helps an organization products competitive value. With user experience an organization products gain value and priority from users over other products of the same type or similar type from other company. Any organization which fails to make user experience a priority might get its product driven out by other products in the market space.
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Approaching and Solving the Problem of User Experience

  • Create a prototype of the product
  • Make the prototype available to the user
  • Allow user to make use of the prototype
  • Communicate with Audience
  • Send out Questionnaires
  • Learn more about the prototype from the users
  • Get feedback form users
  • Validate the problem of the product
  • Create solution for the problem
  • Improve the the product

With user experience all products will be easier to use and improve the productivity and demand of any organization.  It’s advisable for any organization to make user experience a priority.