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Why Your Web Traffic Is Not Translating to Sales

Have you ever opened your website and you notice visitors trooping in and out of your website, yet your online sales have not increased? Are you bothered?  Are you wondering what you are not doing right?

The big part of converting your visitors to paying customer rely much on you as a website owner.

Statistics have shown that people have limited attention span on website According to Statisticbrain, eight seconds is the average person’s attention span and only 28 percent of words are read on an average Web page.  Therefore you need to maximize this opportunity to show your visitors what you can offer and what they can benefit from your website or products within this limited time.

You need to bear in mind no visitor has a luxury of time to spend on your website; Visitors do not want to read a ton of information to figure out what you have to offer them or what your product is about. You must be smart enough to know how to woo your visitors to purchase your products and service.


  1. Your product description is too difficult to digest: one of the major reasons why an increase your website traffic is not translating (leading to) an increase in sales for you is that the description of products on your website is not easy to understand. This could mean that you used ambiguous language (language that is too complex or has more than one interpretation) or you were not lucid in your product description.
  2. There is nothing unique about what you have to offer: There is an infamous saying that “doing things the same way and expecting different result is nothing but sheer madness”. This saying is often misinterpreted by many a person as being rude because of it’s prude nature. However, the saying is just aimed at stressing out the importance of being unique. If your target persona does not see any special reason why they should consider your product, an increase in your web traffic might not interpret an increase in sale.
  3. Your products image is not eye-catchy: Per Bright local , 60% of consumers are more willing to consider search results that include images and another 23% are more likely to contact a business showcasing an image. Without an iota of doubt, images play a pivotal role in attracting customers to contents. Be that as it may, it is imperative to note that making use of images is one thing, making use of eye-catching images is another thing. Simply put, the more attractive the images in your content are, the higher the possibility of it being resonated with and in the end, the higher your sales.
  4. No top-notch customer service: cowrywise (one of Nigeria’s leading personal finance platform) is growing geometrically. A lucid analysis of the cause of their immense growth revealed that an excellent customer service is the backbone of cowerywise’s success. With one of the most active and responsive customer service in Nigeria (on social media and even beyond), the brand cowrywise would most probably not have attained such height if not for their elite level customer service. Other brands like MTN,  DOMINOS and KFC have also mastered the art of customer service and it has proven to do their brand more good than harm.
  5. No or inadequate review from customers:  reviews and comments from customers goes a long way in generating sales from your web traffic. According to bigcommerce 92% of consumer read online reviews and testimonial when considering a purchase.therefore every website owner should to include customer testimony and comments to their website.
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Talking about the reasons behind your traffic not generating sales without giving solutions would be a task uncompleted. Thus, here are what you need to start doing to generate more sale from your traffic.


  1. Improve your value preposition
  2. Create a sense of urgency
  3. Use retargeting strategy
  4. Quality product description
  5. Improved customer service


  1. Improve on your value proposition; what you have to offer will determine if people visiting your website will make a purchase or not, your value proposition is what you have offered to people visiting your website.

Here are some values   that can help you generate more sales

  • Money-back guarantee. Everyone wants a kind of assurance and certainty about what they are about to purchase.  Therefore you should take your time to make something creative and eye-catching guarantee money return contents like “Love it or give your money back within 20 days”. this will give  confidence and assurance about what they are about to buy
  • Bonus offers; everybody likes a freebie, things like free delivery, next day delivery, and buy one get one free tend to increase the rate of your sales.
  1. Create a sense of urgency; As mentioned above people are easily distracted due to short attention span as a result of many activities and responsibilities, it is easy for your website visitors to delay in purchasing your product or even forget to make a purchase at the worse case . Therefore creating a sense of urgency help to solve this problem. You doing this, you are helping your visitors to make a speedy decision about the products they already show interest in.
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Here are a  few tips you can adopt showing people the limited number of items you have in stock and offering discounts on products available for sale.

  1. Using retargeting strategy; Retargeting is effective to generate more sales since it helps you to connect with visitors or leads from your website that may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry.Using retargeting, you can create targeted ads in front of those people who have shown interest in your website. For example, you can use retargeting tactics for people who have visited your e-commerce website without purchasing products or people that have visited key portions on your website without taking any sales related decision.
  2. Quality product description:And other efficient way to generate sale from your web traffic is  to create detailed   description of  product
  3. Improve customer service: you  should provide a top-notch customer service for people visiting your website

The aforementioned  are some of the strategies you can deploy in other to generate more sales for your brand as your web traffic increases.Do you have other strategies, tips or strategies that were not stated above, feel free to add them in  comment section.